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With 20,000cube output yearly

Softening water resin
Softening water resin

Who is QingYun?

Water softener ion exchange resin
  • China best supplier of water softening ion exchange resin
  • 13-years ion exchange resin production experiences 
  • Professional in Ion exchange resins
  • Safe underground water, remove heavy metal, organic & inorganic N,P
  • Industrial water purification, softening, demineralization
  • Wastewater resource recovery & treatment

Industry & Application

Power Industry    

Softening & Demineralization       

Civil Water

Heavy Metal & harmful ion removal

Sweeter industry

De-salting &  De-colorization

Metal Extraction    

Metal  removal  & extraction                   

Wastewater Treatment   

Cleaning & Recycling  

Pure Water Production

De-salting & polishing

Hot products

Water softener ion exchange resin


Water-Softening ion exchange Resin

  • ion exchange resin
  • Strong acid cation exchange resin
  • Styrene Matrix
  • Gel Type, sodium Form
  • 7% crosslinking
  • softening water
  • Water demineralization


For Food grade de-ashing

  • ion exchange resin
  • Strong Base 1 Anion Exchange Resin
  • Styrene metrix
  • Macroporous Type
  • Chloride form
  • Water deminerilization
Water softener ion exchange resin

China Best Supplier of Water Softener Ion Exchange Resin!