high flow mixed bed

Fluorine Removal tech

  • High selective resin
  • Supporting equipment
  • simple operating
  • High removal rate
  • Low residual<1ppb
  • long working life

KIVI MCR60 fluorine removal resin

Macroporous chelating resin contains aluminium oxide

MCR60 is a macroporous chelating resin with polystyrene matrix and contains aluminium oxide. It shows a high selectivity to fluorine.

Since common anion exchange resin have a less selectivity.

ClO4->I->CrO42->SO42- >Br- >CN->NO3- > Cl- > F-

So, it is necessary to exploit MCR60 resin with a unique selectivity to fluorine.

The particle size is in standard gaussian distribution with 0.315-1.25mm >95%.

MCR60 shows good mechanical strength and outstanding operation capacity and long service life.

MCR60 is working in pH 7-9, at 10-30m/h flow rate. And regenerated by 2-3BV 5% Al2(SO4)3 within 1 hour.

MCR60 is used to remove fluorine from underground water, and reduce the fluorine concentration to less than 1ppb.

MCR60 could be used in fluorine removal from wastewater.

Basic Features:

  • Application: fluorine removal
  • Matrix: ST/DVB
  • Type: Macroporous
  • Functional group: aluminium oxide
  • Ionic form: neutral
  • Appearance: light yellow opaque Spherical beads

Physical and Chemical Properties:

1 Total exchange capacity (g/L) ≥2
2 Moisture retention (%) 50-60
3 Particle size range (%) 0.315-1.25 mm ≥95
4 Whole beads (%) ≥96
5 Shipping weight (g/ml) 0.72-0.78
6 Specific gravity (g/ml) 1.10-1.20
7 Uniformity coefficient <1.6