Amino Phosphoric acid resin

MCR50 is used for brine softening, refining in ion membrane alkaline production, It is a macroporous chelating resin with polystyrene matrix and aminophosphonic acid function group.

MCR50 is designed for metal selectivity, It could work in neutral, acidic and basic solutions, but its relative binding affinity varies accordingly to pH and concentration of ions, besides, the capacity is relative to content of Ca2+, Mg2+ , temperature etc.

  • PH<7:  Pb2+ > Cu2+> U4+,Zn2+,Al3+> Mg2+> Sr2+ ,Ca2+ ,Na+ ,Ba2+
  • pH>7:  Cd2+ ,Mg2+> Ca2+> Sr2+ ,Al3+> Ba2+≥ Na+ ,K+

The particle size is in standard gaussian distribution with 0.315-1.25mm >95%.

MCR50 shows good mechanical strength, low loss, less topping annually, stable Kinetics performance, and excellent running kinetics during regeneration.

MCR50 is designed for removing calcium, magnesium from brine, when using the penetrating of calcium and magnesium ion as the controlling standard in the process of ion membrane alkaline producing. In actual operation case, the content of calcium, magnesium is usually reduced below 20ppb.

Basic Features:

  • Application: brine softening, refining in ion membrane alkaline production
  • Matrix: ST/DVB
  • Type: Macroporous
  • Functional group: aminophosphonic acid
  • Ionic form: Sodium form
  • Appearance: light yellow opaque Spherical beads

Physical and Chemical Properties:

  1.  Total exchange capacity (eq/L)Na+ form≥1.8
  2. Moisture retention (%)Na+ form58-64
  3. Particle size range (%)0.315-1.25 mm≥95
  4. Whole beads (%)≥96
  5. Shipping weight (g/ml)Na+ form0.7-0.8
  6. Specific gravity (g/ml)Na+ form1.10-1.20
  7. Uniformity coefficient<1.6
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