Iminodiacetic acid chelating resin

MCR10 is used for cooper, nickel, cobalt, zinc removal, It  is a macroporous chelating resin with polystyrene matrix and iminodiacetic acid function group.

MCR10 is designed for metal selectivity

  • Ph<7: Cu2+ > V > (VO) > UO2 > Pb2+ > Ni2+ > Zn2+ > Cd 2+ > Fe2+ > Be2+ > Mn2+ > Ca2+> Mg2+ > Sr2+ > Ba2+ > Na+
  • Ph>7: Ca2+> Mg2+ > Sr2+ > Ni2+ > Ba2+> Al3+> Fe2+> Cu2+ > Cd 2+> V >U (UO2) > Na+

The particle size is in standard gaussian distribution with 0.315-1.25mm >95%.

MCR10 shows good mechanical strength and excellent mechanical resistance to osmotic and thermal shock.

MCR10 is used in the secondary refining of salt brine to remove calcium, magnesium ion.

It is also used to extract the precious metals ion in hydrometallurgy, and remove cooper, nickel, cobalt, zinc in waste water treatment.

Basic Features:

  • Application: Cooper, nickel, cobalt, zinc removal
  • Matrix: ST/DVB
  • Type: Macroporous
  • Functional group: Iminodiacetic acid
  • Ionic form: Sodium form
  • Appearance: light yellow opaque Spherical beads

Physical and Chemical Properties:

  1. Total exchange capacity (eq/L)Na+ form≥2.0
  2. Moisture retention (%)Na+ form55-65
  3. Particle size range (%)0.315-1.25 mm≥95
  4. Whole beads (%)≥96
  5. Shipping weight (g/ml)Na+ form0.7-0.8
  6. Specific gravity (g/ml)Na+ form1.15-1.20
  7. Uniformity coefficient<1.6
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