amberlite ion exchange resin

A lot of the Earth’s water is found underground in soil or under rock structures called aquifers. Humans often use aquifers as a means to obtain drinking water, and build wells to access it. When this water becomes polluted it is called groundwater pollution.

Groundwater pollution is caused by human factors. The groundwater pollution is caused by groundwater pollution: industrial wastewater is directly discharged into the ground, contaminated surface water invades into underground aquifers, human and animal waste or contaminated water due to excessive use of pesticides. Infiltrated into the ground and so on. The result of pollution is an increase in the content of harmful components such as phenol, chromium, mercury, arsenic, radioactive substances, bacteria, and organic matter in groundwater. Contaminated groundwater is harmful to human health and industrial and agricultural production.

As one of the main sources of water for human consumption and farmland irrigation, safe underground water must be ensured before put in use.

KIVI WATER TECH has focus on water treatment chemical and ion exchange resin for many years, and we provide a series of solution for safe underground water.

Safe Underground Water Solution

softening water


  • softening water
  • strong acid cation exchange resin
  • gel type



  • Fluorine Removal
  • Chelating Resin
  • Alumina loaded
  • F < 1ppm
Arsenic Removal



  • Mercury Removal
  • Chelating Resin
  • Thiol group
  • Hg < 1ppb


  • Perchlorate Removal
  • Anion Exchange Resin
  • Tributylamine group


  • Nitrate Removal
  • Anion Exchange Resin
  • Triethylamine group


  • Boron Removal
  • Anion Exchange Resin
  • Meglumine group