Arsenic Removal

Glucose decolorization

  • Sucrose and sweetener decolorization
  • Adsorbent resin
  • Macroporous resin
  • Fine decolorization
  • Twice crosslinking

Details of Adsorbent resin for sucrose and sweetener glucose decolorization 


Adsorbent resin for color removal of sucrose and sweetener, glucose

ADR09 is a polymer adsorbent resin, it is twice crosslinking polystyrene matrix, with certain surface area, pore size.

The particle size is in standard gaussian distribution with 0.315-1.25mm >95%.

Its macroporous structure makes it can adsorb soluble organic molecules and can resist to osmotic & mechanical shock and oxidation.

ADR09 has a little strong base group in macroporous structure. Generally, it has a high absorption capacity to alkaline coloring matter and neutral coloring matter.

ADR09 is synthesized through twice polymerization, so, the pore is different from the pore of once polymerization. ADR09 is easy to regenerated to recovery the adsorption capacity.

ADR09 is used for sucrose and sweetener color removal.

Basic Features:

  • Application; sucrose and sweetener decolorization
  • Matrix:ST/DVB
  • Type: macroporous
  • Functional group:adsorption
  • Ionic form:non
  • Appearance:brown opaque Spherical beads

Physical and Chemical Properties:

1 Moisture retention (%) 60-70
2 Particle size range (%) 0.315-1.25 mm≥95
3 Whole beads (%) ≥96
4 Shipping weight (g/ml) 0.65-0.75
5 Specific gravity (g/ml) 1.00-1.10
6 Uniformity coefficient <1.6