Organic acid Removal

  • Macroporous Weak Base Anion exchange resin
  • High working capacity 
  • High regeneration efficiency
  • Organic acid recovery

Details of anion resin for organic acid removal


Macroporous Weak Base Anion exchange resin with high capacity

SAMP50 is a macroporous weak base anion exchange resin with Polyacrylate matrix and complex amine function group.

The particle size is in standard gaussian distribution with 0.315-1.25mm >95%.

Due to complex amine as functional group, SAMP50 has a exceptionally high operating capacity. It is regenerated very efficiently with ammonia. The tough resilient macroporous structure affords excellent mechanical strength and resistance to osmotic shock.It has properties like large exchange capacity, fast exchange speed, good separating effect, easy to elution, low consumption of regenerated water, small volume change, strong pollution resistibility, and good chemical stability.

SMAP50 is ideally suited to the removal of nitrates or sulphates from process waste and from condensate in nitrogen based fertilizer production. it is sensitive to nitrites and hence their prior removal from solution by oxidation is recommended.

SMAP50 is mainly applicable for the refining of citric acid and lactic acid. It’s extensively applicable for the separation and purification of rare metal such as tungsten and molybdenum in hydrometallurgy. This product is also applicable for water treatment, as well as the removal of sulfate and nitrate from seawater.

SMAP50  is equivalent to Purolite A830, A-561, and XA-3414 of foreign products.

Basic Features:

  • Application:organic Acid Removal
  • Matrix:acrylic /DVB
  • Type: macroporous
  • Functional group:complex amine
  • Ionic form:free amine form
  • Appearance:yellow opaque Spherica beads

Physical and Chemical Properties:

1 Total exchange capacity (eq/L) Free amine form ≥2.75
2 Moisture retention (%) Free amine form 52-61
3 Particle size range (%) 0.315-1.25 mm≥95
4 Whole beads (%) ≥90
5 Shipping weight (g/ml) Free amine form 0.68-0.76
6 Specific gravity (g/ml) Free amine form 1.05-1.14
7 Uniformity coefficient <1.6