high flow mixed bed

Sulfur removal

  • Macroporous Weak Base Anion exchange resin
  • Remove sulfate from wastewater
  • Easy regeneration
  • High efficiency

Details of Sulfur removal resin


Macroporous Weak Base Anion exchange resin

SAMP40 is a macroporous weak base anion exchange resin with polystyrene matrix and pure tertiary amine function group.

The particle size is in standard gaussian distribution with 0.315-1.25mm >95%.

Compared with SAMP30, SAMP40 adopts different route to synthesize pure tertiary amine weak base anion exchange resin. That makes SAMP40 has high regeneration efficiency.

SAMP30 is usually used in Sulfate removal in wastewater industry.

Basic Features:

  • Application; Sulfur removal
  • Matrix:ST/DVB
  • Type: macroporous
  • Functional group:tertiary amine
  • Ionic form:hydroxide or chloride form
  • Appearance:light yellow opaque Spherica beads

Physical and Chemical Properties:

1 Total exchange capacity (eq/L) Free amine form ≥1.7
2 Moisture retention (%) Free amine form 50-60
3 Particle size range (%) 0.315-1.25 mm≥95
4 Whole beads (%) ≥90
5 Shipping weight (g/ml) Free amine form 0.65-0.75
6 Specific gravity (g/ml) Free amine form 1.05-1.15
7 Uniformity coefficient <1.6