ion exchange resin water softener

CA01 WET catalyst

  • Strong Acid cation exchange resin
  • Macroporous resin
  • Special pore structure
  • Catalyst MTBE etherification reaction 
  • Matrix:ST-DVB
  • Type: Gel
  • Functional group:sulphonic acid
  • Appearance:amber Spherical beads

CA01 WET catalyst-

Industrial grade Strong Acid catalyst for MTBE catalysis

CA01 wet catalyst is a strong acid cation exchange resin as MTBE catalyst resin, which is a crosslinked styrene divinylbenzene copolymer with sulfonic acid group.

The particle size is in standard gaussian distribution with 0.315-1.25mm >95%.

Due to the sulfonic acid group, CA01 shows solid acid catalysis ability. Depending on the special pore structure, and crosslinked skeleton, CA01 possesses a MTBE/ ETBC/ TAME catalysis selectivity and a greater physical, chemical and thermal stability. Mostly, CA01 is used in MTBE catalysis reaction.

Basic Features:

  • Application:MTBE catalyst
  • Matrix:styrene /DVB
  • Type: macroporous
  • Functional group:sulfonic acid
  • Ionic form:hydrogen form
  • Appearance:brown opaque Sphericalbeads

Physical and Chemical Properties:

  1. Total exchange capacity ≥1.7eq/L
  2. Moisture retention 51-57%
  3. Particle size range (0.315-1.25 mm)≥95%
  4. Mechanical strength ≥95%
  5. Shipping weight 0.76-0.84g/ml
  6. Specific gravity 1.15-1.25g/ml
  7. Uniformity coefficient<1.6
  8. Pore size  25-45nm
  9. Pore volume  0.3-0.4cm3/g
  10. Surface Area 20-40m2/g
MTBE catalyst resin