Food grade Water softening ion exchange resin

Water softener ion exchange resin


  • Strong acid cation exchange resin
  • sodium form
  • crosslinking 7% DVB
  • styrene-DVB copolymer.
  • water softener ion exchange resin
  • Matrix:ST-DVB
  • Type: Gel
  • Functional group:sulphonic acid
  • Appearance:amber Spherical beads
  • Food grade

SCG07 Food grade Water softener ion exchange resin

SCG07 FD is a premium grade Gel type strong acid cation exchange resin, sodium form, with crosslinking 7% DVB, which is produced by sulfonated styrene-DVB copolymer. it is a water softener ion exchange resin and special treated for food industry application .

The particle size is in standard gaussian distribution with 0.315-1.25mm >95%.

it shows excellent mechanical strength and good ion exchange kinetics, SCG07 FD in sodium form is widely used for water softening to reduce the permanent total hardness.


Basic feature

  • Application: water softening for food industry
  • Matrix: ST-DVB
  • Type: Gel
  • Functional group: sulphonic acid
  • Ionic form: sodium form
  • Appearance: amber Spherical beads
  • Food grade

Physical and Chemical Characteristics

  1. Total exchange capacity (eq/L)Na+ form≥?
  2. Moisture retention (%)Na+ form45-50
  3. Particle size range (%)0.45-1.25 mm≥95
  4. Whole beads count (%)≥95
  5. Shipping weight (g/ml)Na+ form0.77-0.87
  6. Specific gravity (g/ml)Na+ form1.25-1.29
  7. Uniformity coefficient<1.6