• Strong acid cation exchange resin
  • With indicator Green to pink
  • crosslinking 7% DVB
  • styrene-DVB copolymer.
  • Application:Indicating hydrogen conductance
  • Matrix:ST-DVB
  • Type: Gel
  • Functional group:sulphonic acid
  • Appearance:Green Spherical beads

Product Details

Gel type strong acid cation exchange resin with Green indicator

INSCG07 is SCG07 with green indicator, which could change into pink when resin exhausting.

SCG07 is a premium grade Gel type strong acid cation exchange resin, sodium form, with crosslinking 7% DVB, which is produced by sulfonated styrene-DVB copolymer.

The particle size is in standard gaussian distribution with 0.45-1.25mm >95%.

SCG07 shows excellent mechanical strength and good ion exchange kinetics, SCG07 in sodium form is widely used for water softening to reduce the permanent total hardness.

Basic feature

  • Application: water softening
  • Matrix: ST-DVB
  • Type: Gel
  • Functional group: sulphonic acid
  • Ionic form: sodium form
  • Appearance: amber Spherical beads

 Physical and Chemical Characteristics

  1. Total exchange capacity (eq/L)Na+ form≥1.9
  2. Moisture retention (%)Na+ form45-50
  3. Particle size range (%)0.45-1.25 mm≥95
  4. Whole beads count (%)≥95
  5. Shipping weight (g/ml)Na+ form0.77-0.87
  6. Specific gravity (g/ml)Na+ form1.25-1.29
  7. Uniformity coefficient<1.6