• EDM mixed bed resin
  • Pre-mixed resin
  • Ready-to-use
  • Non-regenerable
  • Producing high quality purified water


Cation/anion Volume ratio 1:1, EDM mixed bed resin

MBR10 EDM is a ready to use mixed bed resin, consisted of strong acid cation resin and strong base type 1 anion resins in volume ratio 1:1

It is fully regenerated, ready-to-use, non-regenerable, pre-mixed resin characterized by high cationic exchange capacity. The pre-mixed resin also allows for faster initial rinse-up prior to service, which minimizes rinse wastewater volume.

The resins were designed specifically for the complete removal of cations, since the molar ratio of cation resin is higher than anion resin,so producing high quality purified water.

It could be loaded either in small cartridges and big industrial resin columns.
By using this mixed bed resin, projects requiring high demineralized water and low silica, TOC could be handled.

This resin is widely used in EDM application.

EDM Mixed bed resin Physical and Chemical Characteristics:

Copolymer: Polystyrene Crosslinked DVB
Matrix Structure: Gel
Physical Appearance: Golden light amber spheres
Cation/Anion ratio :1:1
Function group: Sulphonic acid Trimethylammonium
Shipping form: H+ /OH-
Particle range: 0.315-1.25mm (98%)
Moisture: 57-67%
Bulk Density: 700-770g/l
Temperature: ≤60℃