• Polishing mixed bed resin
  • Low conductivity water
  • Electrical resistivity 18 megohms
  • Production of ultra pure water

MBR 20 P

Cation/anion Volume ratio 1:1, polishing mixed bed resin

MBR 20 P is a specially designed as a polisher to obtain low conductivity water, it is an ideal choice for pure water in electronic industries.

MBR 20 P is a high grade mixed bed resin of strongly acidic cation exchange resin in Hydrogen form and strongly basic type 1 anion exchange resin in hydroxide form in 1:2 volume ratio.

MBR 20 P is designed for use in final polishing for production of ultra pure water with electrical resistivity 18 megohms, lower TOC and SiO2 leakage. MBR 20 P is used after EDI or RO water system, the conductance of feed water is suggested at least below 5μs/cm, which ensure a long life time.

MBR 20 P is equivalent to Purolite MB 400 and Dowex MB 50

Physical and Chemical Characteristics:

Copolymer:  Polystyrene Crosslinked DVB
Matrix Structure: Gel
Physical Appearance: Golden light amber spheres
Cation/Anion ratio 1: 2
Function group: Sulphonic acid Trimethylammonium
Shipping form: H+ /OH-
Percent conversion: 99.9%min /95%min
Capacity:  1.9eq/l  1.3eq/l
Particle range : 0.315-1.25mm (98%)
Moisture: 57-67%
Bulk Density : 700-770g/l
Temperature :≤60℃