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XI’AN  QINGYUN WATER TECH Focus on Water Treatment Tech


QINGYUN WATER TECH(Xi′an QingYun water treatment Tech. Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on water & liquid purification tech, through the design of water treatment equipment, the research and supply of adsorption and separation system devices, the service of water treatment system devices and the provide all kinds of supporting materials.

At the begining of its establishment, the company is professional to provide ion exchange resin, cation exchange resin, anion exchange resin, chelating resin, adsorbent, and some water chemicals. In addition, our product covers a wide series which is necessary to solve kinds of water treatment problem, but also in a economy price. It is always our advantage.

In the past years, the company not only provided the resin and chemicals product, but also tried to solve problems for customers, and has been successfully solved the problems for the customers from Turkey, Russia, the United States, Brazil, Peru, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. The products are applied to industrial waste water treatment, drinking water treatment, filtration and adsorption of various harmful substances. It covers food, pharmaceutical, beverage, environmental protection, hydrometallurgy, chemical industry and other fields, and meets the requirements of customers in different fields.

QINGYUN WATER TECH Not only provides water treatment device and materials for customers, but also solves a series of practical problems for customers. If you need to deal with pure water, ultra-pure water, reclaimed water, wastewater treatment, separation of harmful substances and various harmful substances, please contact us.

Above all, QingYun water tech always upholds the principle of customer first, and tries its best to solve the practical problems encountered by customers, to serve customers effectively, to tailor-made complete programs and provide high-quality services for each customer, to provide on-site guidance and training, and to give and simulate application tests in the early stage. In the process of establishing and improving the company′s product quality system, we constantly learn advanced technology to provide continuous technical services for customers.