Monosphere MNM6150 mixed bed ion exchange resin is a fully regenerated mixed bed of cation and anion exchange resins intended for use in high purity water systems after reverse osmosis.

In properly designed ultrapure water systems, MNM6150 resin will deliver 18 Megohm·cm quality water with total organic carbon levels well below 5 ppb on its first operating cycle as a polishing mixed bed. This mixed bed product is particularly suitable for use in the polishing of high purity water for specialty electronics applications such as the manufacturing of disk drives, display devices, CD-ROMs, discrete semiconductor devices, lower density IC chips, or in the back-end chip dicing and mounting operations.

Because of its high level of regeneration MNM6150 resin is also suited for any general purpose mixed bed applications for the economical production of high purity water. The component resins of MNM6150 resin are uniform particle size resins, and their size was selected to provide excellent first cycle mixed bed performance, while at the same time allowing for future separation and regeneration of the resins.

The resins are mixed to give a stoichiometric equivalent of cation and anion exchange capacity, and the resin mixture exhibits no clumping. The uniform particle size of the resins maximizes kinetic performance in the service cycle of the mixed bed, while still allowing for later separation and regeneration. All these characteristics are essential to produce high purity water with a minimum volume of rinsing.