water softener cation resin

Xi′an QingYun water treatment Tech. Co., Ltd. (IEX Resin) is a company focusing on water treatment tech. water softener cation resin

We are a professional manufacturer of ion exchange resins. After years of development, the company has established a production base of cation and anion resins in Sichuan , producing various ion exchange resins with an annual output of 20000 cubic meters.

The company is professional to provide ion exchange resin(IEX Resin), cation exchange resin, anion exchange resin, chelating resin, adsorbent, and some water chemicals. In addition, our product covers a wide series which is necessary to solve kinds of water treatment problems, Especially water softener cation resin, but also in a economy price. It is always our advantage.

Ion exchange resins are not only used in water treatment, for softening, desalting, or harmful substance removal, but also they could be used in more industries, such as food industry for de-ashing, decoloration; chemical industry for purifying chemicals, catalyst; hydrometallurgy for metal extraction. Especially in food industry, Our resin in the field of monosodium glutamate starch sugar has been the user’s consistent high praise.

Our main customers are from Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Peru, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.


water softener cation resin

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