Single Water Softener

Single water softener is only for water softening process, if the feed water have been filter by pre-filter, the single water softener is selective.

according to the flow rate, single water softener are installed with single tank and double tanks.

water softener double tanks

Water softenenr with double tanks

single water softener

Water softener with single tank

How does the Water Softener work?

Work to softening water —- Backwash—Salt suction—Regeneration—Fast Flush (The process is controlled by automatic or hand valve)

Work: the feedwater through resin, Calcium and magnesium would be adsorbed onto resin, the Sodium will be release to water.

Backwash: After working for a period of time, the resin is filled with Calcium and magnesium fully, a lot of pollutants from raw water would be intercepted on resin layer. In order to a better regeneration to recover the performance, the pollutants have to be removed through Backwash.

Backwash process is the wash water from the bottom of the resin and flows out from the top , so the pollutants can be washed away. This process usually takes about 5-15 minutes .

Salt suction: in the process of injecting salt water into resin tank, the fully automatic equipment is to use a special built-in injector to suck in salt water (as long as the water inlet has a certain pressure). In the actual work process, the regeneration effect of salt water flowing through the resin at a slower speed is better than that of simply soaking the resin with salt water. Therefore, the softened water equipment adopts the method of slow flow of salt water through the resin for regeneration. This process generally takes about 30 minutes, and the actual time is affected by the salt consumption.

Slow Rinse: the regeneration process, the exhausted Resin is regenerated by brine, the Calcium and magnesium will be desorbed from resin, and sodium replaces them, then the resin can be recover the performance. based on actual experience, takes about 30 minutes.

Fast Flush : in order to thoroughly flush the residual salt, the resin shall be flushed with raw water at a flow rate close to the actual work, and the final effluent of this process shall be soft water up to the standard. Generally, the fast flushing process is 5-15 minutes.